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Local Lync Created for Community

For years Consumers and Businesses alike have sought creative ways to help causes they believe in and charities they can really get behind. Spreading the news about promotions and deals has been part of the challenge. Introducing the new way of connecting the business and the consumer so that they can support more businesses that in turn support You the CHARITY.

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    How does it work?

Free of Charge to Non Profits

Community Partnership

  • Charity's Wins

    The Charities gets a free advertising platform to reach out to their donors. We create a new monthly revenue stream that goes directly to their bank account. All they had to do was invite businesses to offer deals and connect their loyal supporters to use those deals in their everyday purchases. Free of Charge!

  • Consumer Wins

    The Consumers gets a site that allows them a site to their favorite causes. This site gives those offers deals to some for many of their favorite places. Even better, every time they use the deals, they can are supporting their favorite great local Charities.

  • Business Wins

    Businesses get the customers that it they need to keep their doors open. They pay for a small fee for coupon placement for coupons placed, but they have added a new consumer into their database that they market to. They can control how many deals are given out, they can and create an emotional connection to the between consumers to and their favorite charity.

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